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Your product on the shelf!

Your product on the shelf! With our knowledge of retail and food service, our account managers ensure that you are given a platform on the online and offline shelf. In the appropriate number of days. And in a direct relationship with supermarket entrepreneurs, the category managers and purchasers at the head offices.

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Store account management

Every day, our colleagues set out purposefully on the road to sell your product via the shop floor or in food service outlets. We choose the right sales route by listening to your (entrepreneurial) dream. To do this, we use cold calling and a well-supported story when visiting independent supermarket entrepreneurs in the chosen area or country. The shop floor is the place where the game is played with the consumer. A service tour of x number of supermarkets, supported by head office meetings, is therefore also part of our store account management.

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"I always feel that we do just that bit more to be distinctive. We demand that of ourselves because the retail market changes so fast. We need to drive slightly faster than the rest."

Herman Jonker, Account Manager De Vlasschuur Sales

 Personal contact is our starting point, so we always have time for a coffee!

Head office account management

Your product on the shelf! To do this, we use our extensive network at the various head offices of retail and food service. By speaking the right language, knowing what the various retailers stand for and really contributing ideas for meeting the category managers' goals, we can put your products on the right place on the shelf. And with good rotations, your product stays on the shelf too. To do this, we proactively help the category managers create a win-win situation. The result: rotations which benefit everyone.

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"Getting on the shelf is already a challenge, but coming off the shelf, with good rotations, is an even bigger challenge. We don't stop when we get the products on the shelf - for us that's just the start!"

Dave Niestadt, Commercieel Director De Vlasschuur

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sales management

Sales has a major influence on the entire organisation. How do you get all the departments on board to ensure that the growth achieved outside is implemented internally too? We provide input and set goals. It is important that these goals are also embraced and supported internally too. Building is something you do together, not alone. We therefore developed a method which has been successfully implemented in various companies. In this method, people are the number 1 priority.

Partner in commercial potential

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