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Control and perspective!

Managing your company has top priority every day. In practice, however, we see that entrepreneurs are also producers, suppliers, HR discussion partners and process operators. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there can be too little focus on managing well from the top. Or parts of your business suddenly experience a growth spurt and management can't keep pace. Cracks appear because ambition is pushing you on. We ensure that you regain control and get perspective! In your business, in yourself and to take the next step.


Strategisch management

Good strategic management is not a quick fix. Do you have ambition and are you willing to push for it? If so, as a regular part of your management team, we will help you determine and implement your organisational path. With the result clearly in view. The right questions and mirrors. Just because we get energy from controlling ambition and being one step ahead. Maximum operating results, a happy entrepreneur and a happy team. What if everyone enjoys their work?

Interim management

Is the commercial director, the operational manager of a team leader/supervisor often (temporarily) absent from your management? With our interim management, we aim to help you take control of the situation and get the tasks up & running again. Based on a personal, team-oriented approach focused on the business objectives. Temporarily or for however long the situation requires. Aimed at invisibly ensuring the continuation of the work.


"Focus on the commercial potential and not on the day's problem."

Rutger Boogaard, Director Management

Personal contact is our starting point, so we always have time for a coffee!


Project management

Do you have a commercial project that you need to get going? With support from A to Z and everything in the right place? After several brainstorming sessions, we determine the appropriate project approach which will achieve the result in terms of timing, budget and figures.

Partner in commercial potential

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