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Partner in commercial potential

We see and harness commercial potential in people, products and companies with our input using our combined strengths: Sales, Marketing, Sales Training and Talent Development. We do this on and off the shop floor. Always together and for the success of our client.

We believe in success when everyone does what they are good at. The manufacturer who makes a good quality product with love and passion, an employee who uses their qualities, a retailer who is focused on shop turnover, and a consumer who buys products that they love. Does our team see potential? Then we connect these parties to optimally use commercial potential. With both feet on the ground for our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the required number of hours or days.

Personal contact is our starting point, so we always have time for a coffee!


De Vlasschuur

In 2001, Cees Moree started De Vlasschuur. After helping as an employee make family firms Hertog IJs and Klijn Noten big via the supermarket floor and often being asked: 'How do you do that?' That question fuelled his motivation to provide a platform to the gems of the food market in the supermarket.

Partner in commercial potential

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