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our story

In 2001, Cees Moree started De Vlasschuur. Having helped promote family firms Hertog IJs and Klijn Noten via the supermarket floor, he was often asked: 'How do you do that?' That question motivated him to create a platform for food retail gems in the supermarket.

In a former flax barn, he created a base for people who understood food retail sales. Down to earth people who promoted the business and the client, on one or more days a week. They proved to be the missing link in the trade.

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Harnessing the commercial potential of people, products and companies. An ambition that is stimulated every day by the management. On and off the shop floor. Always together, always aimed at achieving success for our client, using our combined strengths: Sales, Marketing, Sales Training and Talent Development.

You are Seen!

To us, success means everyone doing what they do well. The manufacturer who produces a good quality product with love and passion, an employee who optimally uses their skills, a retailer who is focused on promoting shop turnover, and a consumer who buys products they love. Wherever our team sees commercial potential, we connect these parties to fulfil it. Committed to our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the required number of hours or days.

Our core values


Our people and everyone we work with are our number 1 priority. We see and hear each other. We help fulfil personal potential and support each other when necessary.


We see and take opportunities, say what we do and do what we say. In doing so, we take responsibility for our own actions and their consequences.


We are constantly seeking to make our work as effective and efficient as possible by being open to innovation and optimisation.


Applying the concept of stewardship, we take care of each other, our relations, our things and the trust we receive.


We are just as passionate about our clients as about De Vlasschuur itself. We inspire each other and the people around us by sharing the energy we feel for our profession.


We set goals, draw up a plan, and adjust it where necessary. Improving every day to fulfil commercial potential.

Personal contact is key for us, so there’s always time for coffee!

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"Working in (food) retail is a completely different skill, as we've discovered over the years."

Ronald van der Velde, Account Manager De Vlasschuur

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Real support

To really support our clients commercially, we are realistic and honest. Positively critical. We want to add something, so that we can build together and look ahead. We help our clients with our up-to-date and practical knowledge of the market, formulas and competitors. From a firm foundation, so that we can be flexible on the floor, and build and maintain relationships. Personal contact is key for us, so there’s always time for coffee!

Partner in commercial potential

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