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Spotted and sold! 

Spotted and sold! By the consumer who feels a connection with your product. Our marketers think in terms of the consumer and the shopper. We combine this with data insights so that the initial purchase is followed by repeat purchases.

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Kick-off brainstorm

How can marketing input benefit you? Where do you start and what are the results? In our morning or afternoon kick-off brainstorm, we enthusiastically and creatively focus on your current marketing issue. Practical and with immediate results. So that you yourself, or together with our marketers, can determine and implement your further marketing route.

Category marketing

You have a product which you want to put on the market. What role on the (digital) shelf do you fill, what supermarket formula suits you best, and what do you promise the shopper when they buy your product? These are some of the points we discuss so that together, we can determine a route which produces the best results. With knowledge of the category, the position of your product in that category and the added value for the supermarket to include your product.

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"Everything starts with a good understanding of the brand, the shopper and the entrepreneur."

Kim Reuter, Marketing Director De Vlasschuur Marketing

Personal contact is our starting point, so we always have time for a coffee!

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Trade marketing

We have shoppers to keep satisfied, who make repeat purchases after their first one. And a supermarket with whom we have a long-term relationship and create maximum sustainable growth in the category. To do this, we use trade marketing and activation, obviously with current market data and checkout scans.

Positioning in the market

Your product innovation list is long and inspiring. Where do you start and how do you market all those innovations in a logical assortment? Appropriate to who you are as a brand or company. A strong positioning and concept are inspiring and have the potential to go the distance. With a practical implementation and input from our network of designers and copywriters, we help you take the next step.

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Partner in commercial potential

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