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De Vlasschuur Academy

Personal training and coaching

You are seen as a person. Our trainers give sales training and coaching in talent development. So that you can confidently go out on the road, know what you are good at and use your skills.

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Sales training

'What knowledge do you need and what skills must you have to optimise your sales results?' Our trainers map out these elements and thus determine the starting point for the sales training and development of the participants. Every training is customised, focusing on the 8 phases of a commercial conversation.

Personal coaching

For many employees, development in the broadest sense of the word may be the most important thing in their job. We also find that many (new) professionals are

searching for their personal leadership style. For us, coaching is therefore always about the person and personal development goals. We achieve this by determining goals based on a personal profile. In the subsequent coaching sessions, we discuss the progress and provide practical tools to apply the theory in practice.

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20230512 DeVlasschuur Naftali Vlaanderen Oranje

"People can make the difference in everything."

Naftali Vlaanderen, Commercieel Director De Vlasschuur

Personal contact is our starting point, so we always have time for a coffee!

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DISC, Thinking styles and drive

As people, we spend our days communicating, both at work and at home. Why do we find one person easy to get along with, while someone else is really hard work? The DISC personality test helps you understand your behaviour and communication style and those of others.

But it doesn't stop there. We help you deal with the other styles. This enables you to recognise behaviour styles and adjust your conversation accordingly. Without losing yourself and your authenticity.

Talent development

How do you train commercial talent for the practical situation?Knowledge is one thing, but applying this knowledge in practice is a different thing. In our training sessions, knowledge and practice go hand in hand. We also provide customised training because every sales talent or sales team may have different needs.

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20230512 DeVlasschuur Mascha Rietjens Geel en Blauw

"For me, using commercial potential means helping people progress. Both in Sales and the Academy."

Mascha Rietjens, Coach de Vlasschuur Academy and Account Manager De Vlasschuur Sales

Partner in commercial potential

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