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Kim Reuter

Hi, it's nice that you want to know more about me!

My roots lie in my parents' supermarket. Where I literally grew up in a shopping trolley, and later had part-time jobs ranging from the bread department to the check out. While my parents ensured that customers left (and naturally returned) the shop with full shopping trolleys and a big smile. I now apply that 'customer-oriented approach' in my role as Marketing director at De Vlasschuur. You'll often hear me ask: 'When are you happy, when is the retailer happy, and when is the consumer happy?' Because we can make a difference with the answer to those questions.

I find it hard to sit still - my two young children and my partner's busy horticultural business make sure of that. You can wake me up for (be careful, I'm immediately 'on') a bootcamp class, double-salted liquorice or drinks with good friends. I love looking at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.